Live Your Dream

So many of us live our lives in baby steps. Some have the courage to take a giant leap. We help those who have that courage.

If you are the primary financial support for your family; if you have been accepted into or are currently enrolled in a vocational/skills or undergraduate program; if you need financial help to continue your learning—you may qualify for the Live Your Dream grant program.

If you know a woman who is in this category, please let her know that we want to help. Click the link below for the application and reference forms. Annual deadline is November 15. Grant monies may be used for anything that supports the applicant’s efforts, including ferry tickets or electric bills!

2020 LYD Recipient Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a single tribal member with three children at home, and is employed in a good job, but at a fairly low pay scale. Her family resides in a home she helped build through Housing Kitsap. She’s taken out a loan to be able to go to a vo-tech school to become a massage therapist and expects to complete her studies in November of this year. Elizabeth has a history of medication allergies and complications which have led her to be more aware of the impact of prescription drugs on so many people. 

Elizabeth wants to help erase the stigma of ‘touch to harm.’ Those were her words, which led us to believe that she has personal experience or knowledge of abusive relationships. She is committed to using her newly licensed skills to ‘touch to heal’ easing the pain of others and reducing their dependency on drugs.

2020 LYD Recipient KW

KW’s story is heart wrenching and too familiar. As a young woman, she got involved with an older man who slowly conditioned her to his abuse and control. By the time she was able to leave, she had only her young son and the clothes on her back—and the helpful man who made that escape happen.

Unfortunately for KW that ‘helpful man’ was a pimp. He took all of KW’s identification and access to money and kept her son from her, using the boy to control her. Her decline was textbook: raped, beaten, jailed, homeless, addicted. Somehow, she kept her determination that this was not her fate. Scarlet Road found her in jail and partnered with KW to begin the long climb out of that life. That was three years ago—today, KW is on the dean’s list at Olympic College, owns her care, and is working to mitigate her criminal and credit histories. And she and her son are together.

KW intends to become a chemical dependency counselor. We are honored to be able to help her make that dream come true.