Our goal as Soroptimists is to make a difference in our communities by supporting programs which advance human rights and the status of women and their families. We also work with projects that will improve the quality of life within our community through education, international goodwill and friendship.

Apply for funding for your Organization

General Beneficiary Application
If your organization would like to apply for funding from SIGNK, please submit this application.

Our Beneficiary Committee has established guidelines for distribution of financial grants for the club in keeping with the Soroptimist mission to support women and children in the community.

Beneficiary Awards from SIGNK should:

    1. Be awarded for definitive purposes and for specified not-for-profit projects that address a humanitarian condition or a public service that makes a significant difference in the community.
    2. Be  submitted in writing to the committee including a description of the project, location, targeted recipients, how much money is requested and when the money is needed. General blanket solicitations will receive lower priority.   Requests for projects within North Kitsap County specifically earmarking women and/or children will receive higher priority.
    3. Be from an organization that can demonstrate a strong and committed staff and/or volunteers are fiscally responsible and sustainable and effectively manage their resources; or be from an individual or group of individuals who demonstrate initiative to use the funds in a manner consistent with and satisfying all other guidelines.


Awards Will Not Be Approved For:

    1. Deficit reduction.
    2. Political campaigns.
    3. Funding of projects which solely benefit members of a religious, political, or private group to the exclusion of others within the community.
    4. Ongoing core operating expenses and regular staff wages of any organization.